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Тел. 8(3466)40-13-26
Факс 8(3466)40-13-26
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Infared Dome Camera

Dome Camera
  • 420 or 480 Lines of Resolution
  • 1/3” Imaging Device
  • 4-9mm Varifocal Lens
  • Up to 45’ Illumination
  • 12VDC Power (500mA)
  • Lux (0.0 Built in IR on)
  • BNC Video Output
  • Dimensions (4.75”x 3.8”)
  • Weight (0.89 lbs)
  • Operating Temp (14°F-122°F)
  • Weatherproof

Digital Video Recorder

  • 16 Channel Digital Recorder w/ 640Gig HDD - Embedded
  • MPEG4 Compression
  • 720 x 480 Resolution w/ 120FPS Global Recording Rate
  • 4 Audio Channels w/ Two-Way Communication
  • 16 Input Sensors & 4 Output Controls
  • Cool Drive Technology Designed for High Intensity Digital Recording
  • Included Remote Software Allows for Complete Administration of Multiple DVRs Simultaneously
DVR Software
DVR Software

License Plate Capture

REG License Plate Camera

REG-X utilizes award-winning US patented technology and precision engineered optics to capture plates of vehicles moving up to 30mph (50kph) in any lighting condition. Powerfully effective and user-friendly, REG-X is ideal for meeting the surveillance needs of gated communities, gas bars, drive-through locations, casinos and tolls.

  • Provides close-range plate capture of all vehicles entering and exiting the site
  • Ambient Rejection Technology captures plates 24/7 in day or dark conditions
  • Precision-engineered optics captures plates from vechicles moving up to 30mph (50kph)
  • Gated Communities
  • Drive-through locations